Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Looking back at our journey to Mia

I can't believe it's been almos 2 years since this picture was taken. This was the day after "Gotcha" day in Beijing, China. She is now the queen of the castle in every way and we wouldn't have it any other way! She is spicy, bossy, compassionate and beautiful. She loves music, dancing and princesses. She also from time to time changes her name to "Sharpay"(from HS Musical ). She says several times a day...." I love you too Mommy". What a gift.

Here's our Boy

Here is the newest member of our family. Jonah Matthew Jin Zheng Mallory

Here we GROW again!!

We are a happy family of 6. Jarrod, Marianne,Kai, Jack, Ashton and Mia. Life is busy and about to get even busier, but that's the way we like it! On Christmas morning. Jarrod gave each of us an envelope. In each it had a letter. Put together, it spelled out Jasper. Jasper is the file name of a waiting child in China. His name is Jin Zheng and has been waiting far too long for his family to claim him . We excitedly did so on Christmas morning of 2007. We know he is ours and cannot wait to get him home where he belongs. He turns 6 on March 3rd. It is exciting to know that this will be his last birthday without a family and his last birthday in the orphanage. We have decided to name him Jonah(Jack still votes for Derek). We took lots of votes and had lots of opinions but we are down to those two. Mom likes Jonah so it will probably be Jonah!
We adopted Mia in June of 06 from Beijing, China and have found such joy in watching her grow and melt right into our family. She immediately fit in and gives her 3 brothers a run for their money. We are so grateful we have the opportunity to grow our family this way. It is a testament to the love out Heavenly Father has for his children and for forever families. We are truly blessed!