Thursday, January 7, 2010

Lola with Mom and Dad

(from two different e-mails, the first part of this post sent earlier in the week)

Hello all. We have had a bit of a problem with internet so it has taken a
bit to send pictures. I hope they get through.

Lola talks non stop and is healthy and beautiful as could be. She is not sure about me but adores her baba and they are two peas in a pod. It is typical as she was very close with her nanny. Daddy says I'll grow on her!!hha very funny.

She is very extroverted and even shook the hand of the man in the elevator this morning. She is stubborn as all get out!! She likes HER clothes that she came in and REFUSES to take them off! She comes unglued! SO, we are just patiently trying to keep her clean while she keeps her "security" in tact:) We have to go on a city tour now. We love you so much...all of our supportive and wonderful family and friends.

(2nd e-mail with more pictures sent Wednesday, January 6, 2009)We are getting very homesick for the kids. We are one week through and the last week always goes by so fast. I hope and pray it’s the same this time. We fly to Guangzhou tomorrow. It’s a short flight...only 2 hours. It’s warmer there and is very familiar.

Nanjing has been amazing. So much history. It was the capital of China before it was moved to Beijing about 600 yrs ago. In many ways it is more rich in culture than Beijing.

The people are so dear and we have has many well wishers and curious locals.
Xiao Qi is doing well. She is getting homesick for her orphanage and her nanny she calls big mama.

I was able to meet big mama who was also grieving hard at the parting of her long time baby… Xiao Qi was a favorite in her orphanage and is known to be very spoiled and very bossy…So far they are right on. She is a good girl though and is happy as long as baba is around.

She is not too keen on momma yet as she has told us that “my big mama likes me” .
I am grateful she has had such a strong bond early in life and I hear this actually is good news for attatching to me. All my friends who have been through this say give her a few weeks and she’ll be on me like glue. She did warm up to me this afternoon when I took her shoe shopping. She got to pick out her very own shoes and I gave her some money to give to the shop keeper. She was all smiles and quickly took my hand to go find the next shop!! THAT’s progress!!

Kiss my kids for me. I miss them terribly and cannot wait to be all together as a family. Family is everything!! I am so happy our final piece to our picture is finally with us.
Loves from Nanjing!!!