Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Spotlight on Kai!

Kai, being the oldest and wisest of the kids has a beautiful perspective on this adoption. His eyes welled up when we broke the news and he has been concerned for Jonah ever since. He will be coming to China with us , as will Jack, and is planning carefully his approach to Jonah that first Gotcha day. He is aware it will be hard for Jonah to leave his SWI and the life he has known. I think Jonah will truly have an easier transition because of his brothers. Having a Mom and Dad is great for our new son ,but having these amazing, sensitive brothers is the real gift here! In fact, my recurring thought when I would stare at Jonah on his waiting child list before I even knew he could be our son(reluctant husband) was, " He would have 3 brothers and a Wii. Obviously he will blend right in and even have a Chinese sister to boot! Ready or not Jonah, you are joining a wild bunch! But it's a great bunch who love you to PIECES!!