Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Almost Home

(this is Kim, Marianne's sister-in-law, posting again. The pictures and information I post are coming from Marianne's e-mails because Mare can't access her blog from China. So...when some of you posted encouraging and caring comments I sent her a copy. Although there have been more added that I missed. When you read what she wrote in her e-mail you'll understand why I'm explaining that tid bit of information to you. Anyway, Jarrod, Marianne AND Lola are almost home and doesn't Lola look you could just sit and laugh with her for a long time? Her smile radiates!)
Here's Marianne's e-mail:
(Her response to the comments from friends and family) It’s a slice of home that we really appreciated today! We travelled most of yesterday and right now have to get to the medical clinic for her physical and TB test.
Lola is doing so much better. She loves to “entertain us” and seems to be liking mama now. She bragged to the guide yesterday about her pants that her momma got for her. She was so proud !! Superficial I know, but it was a good sign. She is THE spunkiest girl and so joyful..all the time! She is fascinated by all she sees and smiles A LOT! She and Mia will be quite the pair. I can see her and Bryn and Mia having a great time playing dress up. THREE bosses!! Hmmmmm we’ll see?!!

Jarrod is wrapped around her little finger which is so dear to watch. Let’s just say “What Lola wants….Lola gets” ..lol! We are in Guangzhou now and we feel so at home here. We love this island we are on and feel very at home. We even had real live American fare last night for dinner at our favorite little restaurant here called Lucy”s. Lola loved it. She loves Ketchup!! She is now liking “feeding mama”. She also spent two hours rubbing lotion on my hands on the plane ride yesterday…so cute...
(Kim again: They must have gone to the zoo! I know they didn't return to the orphanage as originally planned because it would have been very hard for Lola and caused some emotional hardship. We meet her soon...they come home Thursday. That's just two days away)