Friday, March 7, 2008

What is Jonah's Orphanage Fund?

I will explain. Part of the process of adopting from China is a manditory donation of 3,000 to the orphanage. It is NOT the fee that goes to the Chinese government for processing the adoption. It is actual cash we physically deliver to the orphanage. The Chinese government does not give funds to the orphanages to survive or provide the needed food, clothes, medicine, and staff. That is left up to the local provincial government. This is leaving the orphanages in all kinds of bad situations as most provinces are not wealthy and the orphanages are not on the top of the list for them ,remembering that orphans are not really considered "real citizens". Culturally they are an embarassment and ignored whenever possible. Some orphanages have no refrigerator and MOST do not have heat! They simply cannot afford it. So this fund is helping us bring Jonah home and it is aiding the children who Jonah has lived with his entire little life DIRECTLY! We know this adoption is of the Lord and no matter what he will provide a way. He loves his children and we are honored to bring this beautiful little guy home........forever.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Update from Jonah's orphanage

Hello! I have been so busy working on our paperwork for China I forgot to give an update on our Jonah!! We got an email from a contact we have in China that he got our B-day package and he is now aware of us! Yes, he was "so excited" says the nannies. He shared the candy with everyone and is very happy about his MOM and DAD coming to get him . He has seen lots of friends leave with their famiies and has always been left behind but no more! We are beyond thrilled to have him as our son and can't wait to grt to China. The contact also said he is a favorite of theirs and he is cute and smart! They said he is also friendly with everyone, adults and children alike. He likes to be outdoors and he LIKES GAMES!! I knew he'd fit right in! Yep, he's a Mallory!