Monday, April 6, 2009

Mom, .........we have a hair situation........

This morning we have a friend over who is close to Jack's age, a darling little girl. ( Sarah's daughter Savana). Jack has been looking forward to it so he woke up, came out in rare form...............he was dressed and all cleaned up. Not typical for Jack first thing in the morning. Anyway, he called me over in a hurry and whispered......." Mom, I have a hair situation..." He turned around and there was a pick stuck in his bed head on the back of his head! Hilarious! I took care of it with a few squirts of no tangles stuff and off he went....... Way to go Jack! I can't wait 'till I can use this as leverage maybe when he's 16 or so!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The daily "funny"

OK, here's the funniest comment of the far. Maybe not to you ,but to me, hey , they are my kids so I am easily amused:)

I was giving Mia good Morning hug. Mia loves to hug constantly , which is fun for this momma. Anyway, I was hugging her and she said,,,,,, pretending she was choking from my grasp said...................Mom.......... your's "choking me in half". I will be sad the day she stops these" Mia -isms". They grow up way too fast!

Ok then one more just has to make the list! We were looking at some family pictures and Jonah was on my lap. He looked at this picture taken in Oct. 2007 . We were a good 9 months away from getting him home from China so he was not in the picture. He got really sad and asked where he was(in the picture). I told him he was in mommy's heart and we were sad without him but we are together now and we will ALWAYS be his forever family.He was NOT satisfied with that answer. He kept studying the picture and then he got this huge smile on his face! He lit up as he told me that he WAS in the family picture........... he was right there in the trees! ( notice the trees). So glad to know he's been with us all along! My baby is figuring it all out in his own time. He is my son in every way, and he is my son eternally. I know someday he will understand this as well as understand our love for him and his Heavenly Father's love for him. Life is G-O-O-D!!!!!!!!!