Monday, November 23, 2009

Why wouldn't I?

You NEED to watch this! It's the BEST 7 minutes you'll have all day! If you have wondered WHY we are adding to our family one more time through adoption, this is your answer!

A Family night to remember..

Jarrod is out of town again so it felt weird having family night without "the Dad" but life must go on right? I assigned Kai the lesson. I knew it would be short and sweet and really just had a lazy attitude about it tonight... Boy was I was THE BEST EVER!!! Kai's thought for the night was short but so perfect...especially coming from him my moody 12 yr old ..haha. He just told how Heavenly Father has had a plan all along for our family, and that plan was for us to come together through adoption and he was so grateful it did.He was grateful for his forever family and knew we were lucky to have eachother..for eternity. I was moved to tears(imagine that). I will not soon forget Kai's lesson tonight:)