Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A friend in need

Today , I am thinking about my dear friend Lana and her daughter Emma. Emma is 8 and a wonderful, beautiful girl. She always has a smile and is loved by everyone. In fact, Jack wants to marry her! Last weekend, Emma was rushed down to Salt Lake to Primary Children's Hospital and was diagnosed with Leukemia. We are devastated that she has to endure this. We are sad for her little body that will have to endure Chemo for 2 and 1/2 years and all that that brings. We are sad for Emma's family who will watch it all every day. But I am also SO grateful to know that she is at an excellent hopspital in the very best care. I am grateful she has one of the best Oncologist in the west taking care of her!!! I am grateful she has the kind of Leukemia that is most common and very curable.MOSTLY, MOSTLY , MOSTLY I am grateful for our Savior who loves Emma even more than we do(hard to imagine I know) and will see her through this trial . I believe she will have help from the other side that only children can have. So today, I am profoundly grateful for my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ who know the beginning from the end and are a prayer away always and always.
I don't know why I am sharing this but when Jack was diagnosed as being profoundly deaf and we were waiting to hear back if his hearing nerve was fit for an implant (his only chance at hearing the world... ever) I was praying so hard one morning. I was BEGGING the Lord to PLEASE PLEASE let my little boy hear. I was telling the Lord how much I loved this little boy. I would do ANYTHING he wanted me to do, just let Jack hear . I was at a low I hadn't been ever except at the passing of my mom. I think though at that moment, I was humbled enough to really "listen" to the spirit. I heard in my heart and my mind the words " I know, I love him too". At that moment, I knew He heard my pleadings in prayer and told me what I already knew. The Savior and Heavenly Father loved him more that I can even imaginge. They loved him even more than I, his mother does. I also got the DISTINCT IMPRESSION that "they had it covered" so to speak. They knew him , they knew what he needed and they were "on it". So, THATS what I am grateful for this Thanksgiving. We have no idea the blessings in store for Emma because HE LOVES HER TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love you Lana and Emma.