Tuesday, March 24, 2009

mom.........you're FREAKING ME OUT

My handsome Daddy on the left! I couldn't imagine life without you!~
I have had the BEST morning ever- and one of the funniest comments by Mia was made, I just had to blog it for posterity!! HeeHee
well, our sweet friend Emma (8) had a bone marrow transplant last month and her numbers are now showing that she is engrafted! The healthy,cancer free marrow is in the house and has taken over! I was in tears from receiving this news, then the phone rang and it was Paige- my sister. My Dad had surgery last week to remove a softball size tumor from his kidney. It was scary andcomplicated as his kidneys are conjoined. Anyway, after a long wait we found out that the tumor which had grown while setting up the surgery, is BENIGN!!!! BENIGN!!!!!!!!! I think that's my new favorite word. My Daddy means the world to me and he is OK!!! I prayed the Lord would see fit to keep him here with us and our prayers have been answered. So, As I am crying my eyes out with happy tears my daughter looks at me concerned. I tell her it's ok and I am crying happy tears, well, she looks at me with a serious face ans says, "Mom, stop your crying....you are FREAKING ME OUT! I was laughing, crying and peeing my pants all at once!
Seriously, this is the BEST day ever!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Isn't she CUTE

Hello, my name is Xiao Qi and I live in an orphanage in China........
I know, I know, just when I think I have seen the cutest orphans around the world needing a Momma and Baba, it never ceases to amaze me how precious these kids are. If you have ever thought about "just one more" or thought you'd like to help someone in the world who has no voice or means to help themselves................ then may I suggest getting on a plane and bring some PURE JOY to your life! Works for me!