Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009/Happy Birthday Lola Bonnie

Thanksgiving this year held a whole new meaning for us, as it was also Lola Bonnie's birthday! We had a wonderful dinner and good times playing cards and games and watching football of course! It will be Bon Bon's last birthday in an orphanage so we had much to be grateful for! Here's a few snapshots of the Thanksgiving weekend..

This darling little kitty that Ashton and Mia are holding is Zoey,Lola's new kitty! Happy Brithday hunny...momma's coming soon!

Mia's funny of the day

I dropped by my good friend's baby shower last night and took Mia with know for some girl time! Well, the evening was fun and Mia had a great time playing with Steph's daughter Valerie. They pranced around with their balloons all night with smiles as big as Texas. As we got in the car to leave she asked if we could take her new balloon home with us. I replied, sure honey... at which point she turned to her balloon and said" come on Greenish, mom said you can come"! Yep, she named her green balloon "greenish" and took it home to bed! She's such a crack up! At least it wasn't another stray!
These two pictures are a testament to how our baby girl has grown ...from Gotcha in 2006 to now! I know I have said this a thousand times but we are so lucky to have this child for our very own...