Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I tag.............

Paige ,Lana, and hmmmmmmmmm......... Adria!!

I've been tagged!

OK, I have been tagged by my buddy Marilyn. I have to answer a series of questions -then I guess I choose someone elses blog and they answer the questions and they get "tagged". Ok so here goes! It's about my hubby and I.
His name -Jarrod Nathanial Mallory
How long have we been married?
16 years-seems like forever
How long did we date? We knew eachother for a year but I guess "dated seriously" for 4 months before we got engaged-then Married 6 months after that.
Who said I love you first-Oh this is funny-Jarrod kept saying we were only "friends" baecause he did not want to get serious. We saw eachother every day and well, kissed every chance we got!Hee Hee. Anyway, he handed me a note one day in the library, and signed it in Japanese-translated it said "I love you". He thought he was being COY! Little did he know I had a roommate that translated it for me -YEP the secret was out. I didn't tell him for some time as he kept the I love you's coming for several months-thinking I was clueless!
Who's taller? He is.
Who sings better? -I'd say me.
Who's smarter? Well, I am book smart (straight A's last semester) but I am so not mechanically or technologically inclined, he would win in that category for sure! He can just look at something and he has it figured out in 60 seconds flat!
Who pays the bills?-I pay mine and he takes care of the rest.
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? I do if you are on the right while laying on the bed.
Who cooks?That would be me for sure! If it were up to him we would live on Yaki Soba(Japanese Noodles) with eggs and Miracle Whip---Can you say DISGUSTING????
Who drives? He does when it's the two of us. He is too much of a control freak to let me take the wheel!
Who's more stubborn? -OK.........I'll have to admit to this one- it's me.
Who kissed who first?-He did.
Who asked out 1st?-He did. Actually he was so nervous he had a mutual friend of ours(hi Bryan) pass a note in class to measking me if I'd go out that night with Jarrod. I wish I still had that note-ya know for proof!
Who proposed?-He did on his knees at the beach at night-very romantic. We still go back there whenever we can.
Who has more siblings? He does
Who wears the pants? In most practical ways it would be Jarrod. When it comes to the children and matters of the heart, it's definitely me. I can be a bossy "Momma Bear".

OK- Now you know more than you ever wanted to know about our silly little love life 17 years ago! But I have to say, we fell in love, got married and have almost 5 kids! Wow! Life is crazy!