Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Our day trip to Lake Cleveland

Two weeks ago we had a real treat!! By now you all know we have become friends with the family who is in the process of adopting Jonah's very best friend in China. His name is Jin Pei and he will be coming home to beautiful Astoria, Oregon to a wonderful family. They came for a visit a couple weeks ago and we took a little jaunt to Lake Cleveland. I will post better pictures of the Moyer family when I get them ,but for now, here is a brief synopsis of our fun!! It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon and the weather was nice. The company was great . The Moyers have two daughters who are so darling. They too are adopted from China. They are about Ashton and Mia's age so they all had fun getting to know one another! While we were there ,Mia got hit by a rather large rock in the back of the head ..........hmmmmmm Ashton was supposedly aiming for the lake......... and got a nice little gash . Charley, Jin Pei's Daddy , came to the rescue and we got the bleeding stopped and Mia got to sport a nice " Pocahontas" bandage around her head for the remainder of the trip. After just a few tears, she went right on hiking and having fun around the Lake. We can't wait until they get Jin Pei home so our boys can be reunited and pick up where they left off!
I know it is no accident we live in neighboring states and have become "family" with the Moyers! I will keep you posted on their journey to bring him home. He is ,after all ,a part of the family! He's a part of Jonah's life in Jinhua ,China that he will get to keep!! That ,in itself , is amazing. Someone upstairs has guided Jonah's way home at every step along the way ,and this is just one more piece of the puzzle He has blessed us with.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Should I be WORRIED?

OK, I understand that Sunday afternoons can get a little boring for the youngers at our house and almost anything can count as entertainment but do I worry ??