Saturday, October 24, 2009

So sick of this....

I am officially whining! I am going to vent right now so bear with me or click away from this blog right this minute!!! I am so tired of going to bed at night without Lola! Who is tucking her in at night? Is she having a good day? Is she behaving? (yes, that is already going thru my mind haha) Is she wondering if we are ever going to get there? Is she wondering if we still want her? She has said that "other friends of hers are already home with their families"...:( WE ARE READY!!! Mia HATES going to bed alone in her room. Lola will be her roommate....
I have washed, folded or hung her little clothes more than once. I picked up a couple more hair bows for her...ones with headbands because her head is most likely shaved:( It's flu season....has she been well? Has she been not feeling well and is having to just take it like a brave little girl without a momma to hold her and help her feel better with books, warm, herb tea and some tylenol ??? Is it getting cold there yet? NONE of the orphanages have any is she cold. Do they have a warm coat for her? Does she get to have warm socks on at night? There is nothing worse than sleeping with no sox when it's cold...
She is living in an institution.....I HATE to think about that..a big giant day care essentially....never having your family come to get you at the end of any given day. I HATE thinking about that but I do....all day long!!
I guess I am at the end of my adoption pregnancy....I have done this both ways 3 times. I have to say that emotionally, THIS is so much harder. My baby is on the other side of the planet!!!!!!!!
ok...I guess I am done for now. We will hopefully get Travel Approval in 6 weeks...then we are off to China. We will keep you all posted!By the way...this picture is of an orphanage in China ...I don't think it's Lola's and Lola isn't in this picture..I just think everyone needs to see, study, take in a picture like this every now and again. It's very real, the need, the orphans who need homes, please, if you have any room in your heart for one more ...don't's amazing and frankly nothing short of a miracle for all involved!

Monday, October 19, 2009

5 little pumkins

We went to the pumkin patch tonight. It's our yearly ritual we absolutely LOVE! There seemed to be a little sadness tonight though.we, as in all of us were acutely aware that our little Lola Bon wasn't with us. We are probably only 6 weeks away from getting travel approval but tonight it feels like 6 months! Oh I miss that little pistol! Here are 5 of our 6 little goblins as we wait for Xiao Qi..3.5 yrs old...waiting for her family to arrive in Nantong China. I love you baby... momma and baba are coming soon!