Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Ashton

Mia giving Ashton a big birthday hug this morning!
Ashton and Mia playing "oh no! Where's Mia's head??- Those are some cute toes sticking out of that pink coat!
And here's the picnic in the living room Ashy style......with pringles and his two best friends:)It's pretty great when your best friends are you brother and sister!
Yes that's right! It's Ashton's big #5 today! We kind of laid low because we will celebrate with family on Sunday when Daddy can be home. So, we decided to have a celebratory picnic in the living room with all of Ashton's favorite snacks! So we had a healthy breakfast of pringles and wheatables........ oh and some assorted veggies(plastic):) He was so cute as he went through the day just blown away that his birthday was FINALLY here! He almost didn't know how to act. We played outside then tonight we had pizza and rented Star Wars /Clone Wars and all is right in the world! Oh, they are so easy when they are 5! (Trust me, I have a 12 yr old who's life is oh so complicated)
Those of you who know Ashton probably already know my favorite 5 things about him
1. THOSE BIG BROWN EYES- ad yes, he uses them to get away with murder -and he does!
2. He is so compassionate! He is always worried about his sister in particular! Sooo cute!
3. He has a happy disposition. We need more of that in the world.
4. He sleeps in:)
5.He truly thinks he can do ANYTHING! THAT is a trait everyone should have!
I love you Ashy!!!!

Mia the opportunist

We all know Mia makes the most of life on any given day:) That being said, yesterday was no different as she battled a very high fever. I don't know what's wrong with her, I'll see where this goes but during her darkest hour yesterday I tucked her in bed and told her I was going to the store to get her some medicine( the Tylenol alone wasn't cutting it). So she said in a low mumble....... MOM....... will you also get me some shoes? I said shoes? Yes, she replied, I want pink sparkly shoes. She saw an opportunity and she took it! NO, I didn't come home with pink shoes but I did manage to find some motrin and her fever went down. There's one thing I do know, Mia can "work it" when she see's opportunity. Good thing I'm clued in to her um "talent"........