Saturday, November 21, 2009

Jack Jack strikes again

I just picked up Jack from his friend's house..after discussing his fun day he asked me a question with that smirk on his know the one that says, "I know something you don't " kind of look. With Jack, our walking encyclopedia, that is in no way a stretch...
Jack:"Mom, have you ever seen a Solar Eclipse?"
Me: No Jack, I haven't.
Jack: "That's because the last one was in 1913.." he says with that Jack voice and that Jack grin...AHHH gotta love this kid!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Starfish series...

These necklace and earring sets are symbolic of the parabel of the starfish... you know the one where the old man throws one starfish at a time back to safety into the ocean. There are hundreds, even thousands of them...certainly he can't "save them all". He replies.."It made a difference to that one".
This is a special story at our house as you might guess:) only I get to keep my precious little starfish!!!

These are 15.00 plus 2.00 shipping (as they are lighter than the others) for the set. Just chip in at the "chip in" and email me which color you want as well as in the comment box when you chip in. Don't forget to give me your address and ph # too!. My email again is

Again...ALL proceeds go to Lola's Orphanage Donation!!

Jewelry Chip in

Just tell me which one you want in the comment part of the chip in when you pay and I will delete the picture of it on the post and it's YOURS!

Jewelry for my little Gem

I have been making jewelry to help raise money for Lola's Orphanage. We are getting so close to travel! I hope to have TA next week sometime! This would mean leaving in early December! This jewelry is beautiful (if I say so myself) and it's made with LOVE for my baby girl! If you need a Christmas Gift for someone special I am selling these at a very reduced price. The beads on most of them are semi precious stones and I need to at least break even. Okay,so it seemed like a great idea at first to make these for a fundraiser at the time:0) haha ....They took upwards of 100 hours, over the last month ,to make ,and a chunk of change to purchase the stones. They all come as a set of a necklace and earrings! If you are interested, just email me at and tell me your address and ph #. I will mail it right away. To pay go to the new "Chip in" . The prices listed are for the SET..
I am crossing my fingers these sell and bring joy to the person receiving them. We are so blessed to be adopting our daughter, and this truly was a labor of love.
I will post 4 more in a bit so there are more to come! BTW the necklace with the square beads and beautiful sparkley stone that looks white in the picture is actually an ICEY PINK and is gorgeous!!!
All of these are 20 dollars even plus 3.75 shipping for a total of 23.75