Thursday, May 29, 2008

Truly inspiring

As I got up this morning, going about my day it seemed typical. Jarrod is gone for another week, the kitchen is ALREADY destroyed,the babies decided to empty the bath tub for me but NOT down the drain, nope they prefer the floor. I miss Jonah, I miss my sister, and it's not looking like there is too much hope of a sunny day, AGAIN! Boy did I feel like a shmuck when I saw this on my adoption yahoo group for kids with limb differences. LOOK AT THIS KID!!!!!!!!!! Then I DARE you to think for one minute that YOU can't conquor the world! He certainly has!!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


We are so happy to announce that we have LOA!!!!!!! What is it? It is an official document from China basically indicating they have processed our paperwork and asking us if we still desire to adopt Jin Zheng (Jonah to us). Of course without hesitation we signed the paper and immediately sent it off! China should have it by now and we expect Travel Approval in about 2 weeks!!!! Travel Approval or "TA" is the golden ticket in the adoption world telling you to "come get your child ASAP". I can hardly believe the wait is almost over. I am one excited momma and have been worrying about him alot lately. I wonder if he is scared with all the shaking going on. I know he is safe and well , but I still will feel alot better when he is safe and well AT HOME!!!!!!!!! Off I go to nest some more! Bye for now!
Momma Mare