Friday, January 23, 2009

Want to help feed a child ..for FREEEEE

This is baby Rui in China who recovered nicely because of the efforts of Love Without Boundaries. She needed life saving heart surgery and Love WithoutBoundaries was there to make sure she got it! After her hospital stay she was taken to our LWB Heart Home where they take the heart babies to heal in a clean, safe environment complete with nurses and caretakers who really feel that every child counts. Now all she needs to worry about is healing, growing and flirting with the staff who she has wrapped around her tiny little finger!! The link below is a link to a contest where LWB can win 35,000 to continue our work in China for many many more children in need.......... so read on!!! It will cost you NOTHING but 2 minutes of your time:)

As some of you may know, I work on a volunteer basis for a foundation called Love Without Boundaries. They help feed orphans in China ( LOTS of orphanages only have enouph resources to give the babies way watered down formula so they are literally not growing because they are starving) as well as provide funds for life saving surgeries,foster homes, education and lots more. This all started when the non -profit's founder went to China to visit her daughter's home town in China. There , in the room sat a small child dying because there was no money for the surgery she needed to live. Amy went home and raised the funds not only for this child , but for 3 others . This was the origin of Love Without Boundaries. I am a nutrition coordinator for them on a volunteer basis and am well aware of the affects the economy has had on our operations in China. Love without Boundaries is 100 % not for profit. No one takes any kind of wage because that would literally be taking food from the mouths of these beautiful children. YOU can help us secure 35,000 without it costing YOU a penny and here's how.......
Cookie Magazine and Citi are having a "Smart Cookie" contest. The prize is 35,000 to the winner. Amy is a nominee and all it would take is literaaly 2 minutes of your time... that's all! So click on the link and go vote now for Amy Eldredge! Click on the circle next to her picture and story and fill out some information ( like your name ans email) so they can count it as a legit vote, then click submit. There will be other things below it to sign up for but it is all optional and has nothing to do with your vote.

So take a minute and help us continue our efforts in China. They are all God's children and deserve to have full tummies and a brighter future.
After you voted , go check out the LWB web site at to check out all our happenings! It truly IS inspiring!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Attitude....... wev'e got PLENTY

The other night I was a little concerned that the kids were acting a little too whiny lately, so I sat down with the three littles ( Jonah ,Ashton, and Mia) and told them that they really needed to STOP whining and ask for things in a "big boy/girl" voice because this whining is hurting my ears. Ashton looked up at me and said with an honest ,straight face " I'm not whining mommy, I'm just sassing"!! !!Heaven help us!