Monday, August 4, 2008

Look at her now


I was having just one of those days today and needed some time alone, so I sat down at my computer and started to rummage through my family pictures-the ones of the kids that always , always bring a smile to my face. Well, sure enouph as I stared at this picture of Mia I teared up. She came to us a little over two years ago. She was 22 months old and was our first adoption and our first girl. All of us were uneasy but so smitten by this little ball of fire. We have all been sucked in by her chortle of a laugh and have been charmed by her cheesy grin. She is bossy, girly and tough. She rules her brothers with the whip of her pink feather boa and loves every minute of it. She has welcomed Jonah with open arms as she does everyone who walks in the door. She was Phoebe on list 20 now she is Mia Mallory, a forever member of our family. Ups, downs and in betweens, she is why we had the desire to adopt again and go out on a limb. She has changed us all for the better and we hold on to her for dear life.

Enjoy the pictures!

Fear? What's that?

I found this and loved it. It impresses upon me that being the Mom to 5 crazy kids is not for whimps!!