Saturday, December 6, 2008

We spotted the BIG MAN

Yes, she really IS wearing her crown for Santa.......can you
say DIVA??????????????????

Jonah: So my brother says if I sit on your lap you'll give me candy?

Yes, that's right! We found the big guy himself hanging out at our local Festival of Trees! I couldn't help but snap a couple pictures as this is the "three musketeers'" first Santa sighting since they are all three together now! Everything this year is "through new eyes"! WHAT we did without Jonah ?I don't know!!! Those three have the BEST conversations amongst themselves! Their take on the season's festivities thus far is hilarious! Jonah is new at this , but no worries, Mia is there to explain it all!!!!! Mia says Santa lives in Alaska, Ashton says he lives at Grandpa's and Jonah is utterly confused! One thing we have been making sure he gets the story on is the true reason for Christmas. He seems to really understand, as much as can be expected and it is so sweet when he sees a Nativity scene. He names off Mary , Joseph and baby Jesus and then he names off the three wise men. Evidently, Grandpa Rick is one of them! Wow! Dad, I knew you were old but...... you really have been around for a while!!:)

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving on the farm

This is a shot of the Mallory boys working off dinner!!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving at the Mallory house. Kai woke up and decided to put together a hay ride for the little ones . As you can see it was a HUGE hit! OK, so it wasn't the traditional horse and buggy but here on the sod farm you get what you get! SO,,,, one four wheeler, some stolen hay- ok "borrowed" (from the farmer next to us) and the trailer typcally called the "garbage trailer" transformed magically into a GREAT new tradition! We even had weather in the 50's and sunshine to top off the day! I don't know who had more fun, the kids being towed around or the drivers! MOM, DAd, and Kai took turns doing the honors!

We finished off the day with LOTS of food at dinner at grandma Mallory's house! We live only a few houses down and are on the farm just on a country gravel road so of course we travelled in style......... you guessed it... a hay ride all the way to grandma's house!!!!!! Here are some pictures of the day!!