Monday, January 12, 2009

....... no Ashy,we can't ALL be Chinese.....

We all have those "Aha" moments in our lives when we come to some kind of realization, either of a deep, serious nature or of something that may have been obvious to everyone else on the planet but you. Well, my sweet little twins ( otherwise known as Diablo and Diabla) just noticed that they are somewhat different in appearance. We knew this day would come eventually. Ashton has now told me he wants to be Chinese . I asked him why......... He promptly told me "because my sister is be-oo-tiful Mom". I quickly reminded him that he is beautiful too and that we are all one. We are all God's children and to being together is all that matters. He just shrugged his shoulders and kept playing. Then I started laughing hysterically when it hit me that he has been squinting in all the pictures I have been taking recently.......... he was trying to look CHINESE!!!!! The rest of the day he spent asking people in public places, " did you know my sister is Chinese? This was ALMOST as funny to me as the day Jack asked me if he was DEAF!!!
Mia is pretty over the moon about herself so no issues there ,but I thank heaven on a daily basis that these two have eachother. I grew up with a wonderful twin brother. There was always someone to watch my back and I was never alone, ever. I could never imagine what life would have been like growing up without Matt and I am so glad Mia and Ashton will have the experiences similar to mine . Maybe Ashton needed Mia because he's deaf. Maybe Mia needed Ashton to keep her safe and grounded. I do know that Ashton would not be Ashton without Mia and Mia would not be Mia without Ashton.
While twins are crazy hard it has been sooooooooooo worth the uphill days and the sleepless nights. When they have been apart for a couple hours ( they go to different preschools) they run to eachother and embrace like a Hallmark commercial. Hilarious! So............ if you ever hear me complain, smack me ,because I am the luckiest Mom on the planet. I totally am!!
Bye for now