Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Below is Princess Mia

Below is Jonah's little sister Mia Grace Yan Ping Mallory. Two years ago tomorrow we were at the gates of her orphanage in Beijing ,China . We walked in and were handed the most beautiful little person who does not let a day go by without telling he she "wuvs" me . Our lives have never been the same. Adoption has opened our minds and hearts to an incredible journey. We walked out of that building with our little treasure full of spunk and joy. As I contemplate that day this morning, I know how many orphans are STILL there. No mom or dad, often experiencing pain and loneliness without anyone to hold them. I can't even think about it without crying. I will always have a hurt in my heart for all the orphans left behind. If you have ever contemplated adoption even for a moment, it is a powerful gift and will change you in the best of ways.
Mia, we love you sweetheart! We thank our Heavenly Father for giving us the opportunity to be your family forever! Our lives came together for a reason and WE are the lucky ones dear little girl. -Love Mom and Dad , Kai, Jack Ashton and soon..Jonah!


Today is June 4th which means there are only two days left to buy a raffle ticket for Jonah's Village! Tickets are 5.00 and you can enter as many times as you'd like. The prize is a 200.00 gift card to TARGET!! A ll procedes will go to Jonah's orphanage directly when we go there at the end of the month. The orphanage depends on these mandatory donations (3,000 from the adoptive family) for many things we take for granted. Many orphanages have no refrigerators, none have heat, food is rationed and there is always a shortage somewhere of basics like diapers, formula blankets. Our Jonah has been blessed directly by families in the past while waiting for his forever family. He has been there for 6 years and I wish I could hug everyone who has ever helped my son. I can't wait to see who the lucky winner will be, though ultimately it will be the sweet children who are still waiting to have a forever family. Children who are with Jonah right now. So, thank you so much if you have already chiped in and if you haven't .........skip Taco Bell today and go for it!! :)
If you scroll down you will see the chip in box, just click on "chip in" and it will take you through it. It really is so quick and easy. Again, thank you so much for helping Jonah get home:)