Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Yes my plate is full but....

I have heard non stop this past year..WHY would you adopt again? Why do that to yourself? Your plate is already full. Someone else will go get her... believe me I have heard it all!!! I have also heard many many people who "get it" say quite the opposite and we have had enormous support. I was holding Xiao Qi this morning and just in awe becasue this kid is ALWAYS smiling! She is the happiest little girl! Her disposition is so bright that it can't help but make ANYONE smile. How did I get so lucky again?? It didn't take long to realize how my kids were my kids because of my Heavenly Father. How does he know what I need at that time? How does he bless me with just the right trial at just the right time then reward me with so many blessings I so do not deserve??? HOW does he pull that off with such perfect timing and love? HE knows me!!! HE knows me!!!! I want the world to know that YES my plate is full but I have chosen very carefully what is ON my plate with the help and grace of my Heavenly I am the lucky one.
Here are some more pictures of our trip to China. The perfect way to complete our family.