Thursday, February 26, 2009

A little shopping never hurt anyone

Here is a darling outfit I found for Miss Sela. When she gets placed with her family, I am going to mail it to them!!!! Nothing like shopping to celebrate a new family!( Besides, Child's World was having a great sale:)) I thought the pastel blue was beautiful and the brown will match her big brown eyes! I can't wait until she is getting out the pots and pans from her mommy's kitchen in this warm fuzzy outfit! I can't wait until her heart will be healed and she has her whole life ahead of her with endless possibilities! Adoption is full of simple miracles! I love the opportunity I have had to witness it .Scroll down to the very bottom of this blog and watch the video by Steven Curtis Chapman. It says it perfectly! Three cheers for Miss Sela! The world is yours beautiful!

Sela is coming home

Little Miss Sela who I talked about in my last post( now gone) is not only getting a home but there are currently 3 families fighting over her! In a couple weeks she will be placed. This is such good news! She will fill a home with laughter, love and get spoiled rotten! PHEW! Now maybe I'll be able to sleep at night! She had the face of angel- not the kind you soon forget!Take good care Miss Sela! You have touched our hearts from the other side of the world! I look forward to following her journey home!