Monday, May 12, 2008

Our baby boy is OK

You may have heard of the devastating earthquake in China . It has killed thousands of people including many ,many children. The province and surrounding provinces has had schools aand hospitals crumble to the ground, all full of unsuspecting children. I am so saddened thinking how many villages are totally wiped out, probably forever. I am aching for the parents who have lost their only child(as you are allowed only 1). My heart hurts for those who are still waiting for help in remote towns where all they can do is watch their loved ones die. Please pray for these people. We are after all, all brothers and sisters. Jonah's orphanage is ok and all is well there. They probably felt it , but they did not sustain any damage. Many have been concerned about the virus going rampant there and the safety of our precious waiting children. I will have an answer soon about the status of his orphanage. I feel in my heart he is well and will be protected until we can bring him home.