Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The cutest one yet

more picture -zommed in by my good friend Cynthia

more pictures

Here are more pictures of Jinhua Social Welfare Institution #1 and the kids who live there. Soon they will have one less orphan!!! Jonah , Mommy , Dadddy, Jack, and Kai are coming!!


A friend on my yahoo group of other Jinhua families took these pictures just yesterday. They are there picking up their daughter who is not much younger than Jonah. Her name is Autumn and she is sooooooo darling. She has done remakably well and they had a great day visiting her friends at the orphanage. Thank you so much to Autumn's family for taking these pictures! Of course every picture Jonah and Jin Pei (his best friend) are sitting together! Oh , also, the director of the orphanage told them that Jonah likes to sit next to Autumn at lunch time especially when they are serving shrimp-Autumn doesn't like shrimp so she gives it to Jonah!!! How cute is that!!! We leave a week from today! Enjoy the picture! Jonah is the cutie in the black shirt. I will post more pictures tonight.