Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mia speaks

Mia sat on my lap tonight and was looking at our family blog. She saw this picture and got very quiet. She was barely 2 when this pic was taken in China just a few days after getting her. She stared at it asnd said Mom,,, I didn't want to be alone!
Wow. Now, I don't know if she could possibly remember details of China but maybe she remembers how she felt? This Mom is in tears and so grateful she will NEVER be alone. Believe me in a family this size, it's pretty much impossible!
Looking at this picture, she also yelled out proudly, " that's my Daddy".
Thanks Honey for taking this leap of faith with me. It has been a wild , wonderful ride!
I added a picture of her now. She has grown into such a spunky but caring and kind little girl. She is always wrapping her arms around me and saying I love you Mom. She loves life and isn't afraid of anything! She starts Kindergarten in August. Heaven help Dworshack Elementary!