Sunday, May 24, 2009

Mia's "how well do you know Mom"

At school Mia had to complete a paper entitled How well do you know Mom...
It's always a little nerve wracking when you wonder what's coming out of the mouth of your 4 yr old! They are so honest!!!LOL!
These answers were soo funy I had to post them.
1. If you had 100.00 what would you buy your Mom?
Mia's answer ..... I would buy her a pretty white feather....
2. What's Mom's favorite food?
Mia's answer: Hamburger and Potatoes...
This is false but it is probably Jarrod's so chalk one up for her!
3. How old is your mom?
Mia's answer...13!!!!
Perfect! That means I had Kai when I was one!!
4. What time does Mom get up?
Mia's answer......5 or 5:30 YEA RIGHT!!! maybe to go to the bathroom.......then straight back to bed!!!
5. What is the best thing Mom can cook?
Mia's answer..... Popcorn!! Funny, I guess she doesn't like my "food Coach" cooking! Perfect......tonight I will make popcorn for dinner:)
6. What does mom like to do at home?
Mia's answer.........She digs holes for plants!! very funny, can you tell we had just planted our garden:)
7. What is your favorite thing to do with Mom?
Mia's answer........................"We like to fly like a birdie"
This is sweet and I know exactly what she is talking about.... when we are on the tramp together, we run circles and flap our wings and sing "we can fly we can fly we can fly" from Peter Pan:)

Words can't express how precious this child is!