Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Something I came it

I found this quote this morning by chance and loved it. I am posting it here so I don't forget it,and so when I print this blog as our family scrap book my children will understand that our love for them is deep and true and whether they are bios or adopted...our love and committment to ALL our kids is the same!

"Born not from our flesh, but born in our hearts, you were longed for and wanted and loved from the start"
Author: unknown

Friday, March 26, 2010

China 2010


I can't believe this was only 2 and a half months ago.This is taken at a 2000 yr old temple in Nanjing, Jiangsu China. I love this picture because we had had her for 3 or 4 days and it was one of the first times she let me hold her without a major tiz waz! She turned a corner that day! Now....fastforward a couple months, she is my shadow 24 hrs a day! I am the lucky recipient of 1000 hugs and kisses a day from this child! How was I so lucky to be given this child??? Can't imagine the hole in our family....she truly was the missing piece of the puzzle!
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Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I came across this on our agency"s web site. I honestly forget half my kids were once motherless and truly orphans..once I get them home they are just one of my kids..plain and simple. Reading what this Orphanage worker had to say sent chills up my spine and brought me to tears. No words for how humbled I feel to have been a part of such a miracle...3 times!

Remember, this is the greatest thing that will ever happen in the life of this child. Tell her to go forth on behalf of all her sisters who will never have this chance and change the world."
Parting advice from a very wise and loving orphanage director, Mrs. Fenrong Chen (pictured at right).

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Heather must be whispering in my ear today

I was just peeking at some family blogs and found the link to my cousin Heather's blog is still there. She is my younger cousin who passed away last year of breast cancer. She is the most amazing person who, I am certain , has made heaven a happier place!! NO ONE can match her smile and enthusiasm and sense of humor! She is missed so much! On the header of her blog, she had this quote. It touched me so much , I had to share it!

"Let us relish life as we live it, find joy in the journey, and share our love with friends and family. One day each of us will run out of tomorrows." Thomas S. Monson

St. Patty's Day .....and we spotted some green

We went to Storybook Park today! The sun was shining and the kids were good while I was at the office this morning so off we went, as promised, to the park. This is the first day since last fall it's been nice enouph outside to go play there. The grass was getting green and there wee SWARMS of happy little kids!! It was like cabin fever had hit every person under 3 feet tall in a 10 mile radius! It was a BLAST!!! Just watching Piper's face on all that fun play equipment was priceless! I know it had to be her first time on a she didn't know how it would all work as we slid down and same with the swings!! Her smile didn't go away for the whole hour we were there. How I love that contagious little smile!!Ashton met some friends from school and had fun playing with them. He was showing them around like he owned the joint??? was fun to watch and fun to record on my phone's camera:) I am so lucky to be able to be a stay at home (kind of) kid...I mean mom. In the words of Adam Sandler, " I love to play, playing's my favorite" !!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

This is for you mom

Today is March 14th..It is my mom's birthday. I have been thinking about her all weekend. I miss her terribly and I suppose I always will have a part of my heart that's empty ...(for now). As I was goofing around with my kids these last couple days I would sit back and watch them interact, noticing the funny ways they each go about things. Noticing their individual personalities and how each one of them deals with life made me laugh. I am sure it wasn't easy for my mom to raise us. I am sure she had many days she wanted to run and hide for a while. I know I certainly do. The thought came to me though, as I was watching them bowl..."mom, I wish you could see this.. look at how Ashton dotes on his sisters, making sure they get the ball going in the right spot. I wish she could help me as I drag Ashton off the floor as he threw a monster tantrum because I didn't give him money for the arcade. Family, especially moms, are the people in your life who love you when things are great and suffer with you when things are not so great. I wish I had paid better attention to how she handled Matt and his fits in the grocery store and of my stubborn, emotional attitude when I was a teen...She was the greatest of mothers. She was the greatest of women ,and I was lucky enouph to call her mom. It then occurred to me that she CAN see my kids growing and changing. She CAN see me struggle as I try to raise my kids without scarring them for life!! haha I know she's around and is laughing and crying right along with me. I love you mom, so so much. I hope in some way, I have made you proud and in the course of living , I am learning, learning to be more like you and more like The Savior. Thanks for being my mom and my friend.

Two peas in a pod


My Twins:) Just goofing around's sunny outside but way too cold for our planned photo shoot so I just goofed around with my point and shoot. These 2 are 4 months apart and have been together since before they can remember! They have no idea now how much their bond will mean to them in the years to come...
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Saturday, March 13, 2010


You like my makeover???
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Puppy Love


Piper got to go to my friend"s house where there's a pen of puppies! Here's her first attempt at holding a puppy... She was thrilled!
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Sunday, March 7, 2010

What a year so far

I finally got some more pictures onto my computer and thought I'd better get them on here! In 2010 we have been to China to get our new Daughter Piper, had Kai's 13th birthday, went and got Piper sealed to us, had Jonah's birthday and his baptism! Phew! Now I need a nap! Here are some shots I snapped along the way of the Mallory Mahem first quarter of 2010!! Enjoy!